Hey folks!

First I want to thank all of our fans and readers who’ve kept coming back even though we haven’t updated in over a year and a half thanks to my life-altering accident. I’m finally showing some improvement in my drawing hand, and while my art won’t be great, once we’re moved into the new house, Jake is cominb back with a vengeance, despite what one of our haters did.

Apparently, a few days ago, the domain name for jaketheevilhare.com expired, and someone wh doesn’t like me snapped it up out of spite. Given how some people of a certain ideology tried to shut us down with DoS attacks and a rabid twitter campaign a few years ago, I’m fairly certain one of them did it. While we’re back up and running, because we’ve had to change domain nmes, we’ve lost all of theĀ thousands of backlinks we’ve built over the last six years.

So it is, faithful readers, that I’m asking you to help Jake out by linking to us and sharing us on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and so on.

We’re hoping to be updating regularly within 3 weeks!